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Humankind presents riveting stories of everyday people who have found real purpose in life. Living by their principles—compassion, service, generosity, spirituality, equality and integrity—they make a profound difference in the quality of life in their communities. Hosted by award-winning producer David Freudberg, Humankind helps listeners examine some of humanity’s biggest questions and illuminates the lives of ordinary people who, by their example, can inspire us all.

October 6
SEGMENT 1: We listen to stirring music and recitation from America’s best-selling poet, the Persian mystical writer Jalaluddin Rumi, in this dialogue with gifted Pennsylvania artist Michael Green, whose exquisite work illustrates a recent Rumi compilation.
SEGMENT 2: We hear two cancer survivors who each wrote a humorous-and-profound one-person play about their journey with the illness, confronting its dark side, facing up to fears and finding ways to approach it light-heartedly.

October 13
SEGMENT 1: When black families at a S. Carolina church offered forgiveness to the hateful young man who murdered their relatives this summer, it demonstrated the long tradition of nonviolence as a philosophy and tactic for coping with oppression.
SEGMENT 2: A look at faith-based peace traditions, from Quakers to Sufis to Mennonites, which emphasize commonalties among people of different faiths. And we examine the practices – and personal traits – needed to promote conflict resolution.

October 20
SEGMENT 1: This look at the emergence of “integrative medicine” begins with a visit to America’s busiest trauma center, in Baltimore, where patients receive both emergency care and natural treatments to soothe the challenges of serious illness.
SEGMENT 2: The problem of rushed medical visits, now standard nationwide, can strain both doctors and patients. The story of a Calif. woman who was misdiagnosed with MS, until a different doctor had the time to listen and discovered the error.

October 27
SEGMENT 1: With diet a factor in ailments from diabetes to obesity, medical students at the country’s third largest campus attend cooking classes to learn how to help patients. And future MDs tell how they would heal our health system.
SEGMENT 2: Professors of medicine and nursing describe ways to treat the whole patient. And a look at medical use of acupuncture and meditation, for which evidence of effectiveness continues to grow.

November 3
SEGMENT 1: We examine current trends in charitable giving by individuals and foundations with Stacy Palmer, long-time editor of The Chronicle of Philanthropy, who covers the nation’s $316 billion dollar charitable sector.
SEGMENT 2: Learning how to focus on different life horizons -- from daily responsibilities to broader personal goals -- is considered in this enlightening dialogue about "Making It All Work," the new book by best-selling author David Allen.

November 10
SEGMENT 1: A conflict mediator in world hotspots from Israel-Palestine to Northern Ireland to Sri Lanka, Donna Hicks explains the importance of honoring your opponent’s dignity and of maintaining your own.
SEGMENT 2: A conversation with Bradley University Prof. Robert Fuller. He has studied a large sector of Americans who regard themselves as spiritually inclined, but who do not affiliate with organized religion.

November 17
SEGMENT 1: A visit with Mothers Out Front, a fascinating group of mothers who come together (usually at houseparties) to focus on the threat that climate change poses to their children and to future generations.
SEGMENT 2: Experts say there is still time to counteract the worst effects of climate change– provided positive steps are taken promptly. We hear the history of how scientists came to realize this threat, and why pessimism now may be self-defeating.

November 24
SEGMENT 1: New research suggests that people who actively cultivate gratitude in their lives become both more content and physically healthier, but Oakland, California writer Catherine Price wanted to find out for herself.
SEGMENT 2: We revisit a fascinating fugitive slave case in Boston that bolstered the abolitionist movement and generated the largest citizen protest against slavery before the Civil War.

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