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Tuesdays, 7pm

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Humankind presents riveting stories of everyday people who have found real purpose in life. Living by their principles—compassion, service, generosity, spirituality, equality and integrity—they make a profound difference in the quality of life in their communities. Hosted by award-winning producer David Freudberg, Humankind helps listeners examine some of humanity’s biggest questions and illuminates the lives of ordinary people who, by their example, can inspire us all.

February 24
SEGMENT 1: The author of "Taking Back Childhood," education professor Nancy Carlsson-Paige,examines the impact on kids of media violence, overly structured school days and a culture that preaches rampant consumerism.
SEGMENT 2: We hear powerful stories from people in their teens and twenties, who were raised by alcoholics and must work to heal emotional scars left by sometimes angry, sometimes neglectful parents.

March 3
SEGMENT 1: Using a unique blend of stand-up comedy and stress management advice, Loretta LaRoche cautions us not to "catastrophize" and "awfulize" especially when conditions are not all that extreme anyway.
SEGMENT 2: Best-selling author Frances Moore Lappe draws connections between the foods we choose to eat, the earth on which they're grown, and the fact that today more than 800 million people go hungry in our world.

March 10
SEGMENT 1: Christal Presley, an English teacher in Virginia who experienced ‘secondary trauma’ in response to the extreme behavior of her father, a Vietnam-era veteran with PTSD, tells how the family began a journey of recovery.
SEGMENT 2: A story of brave former soldiers who return to Vietnam to heal their emotional wounds as part of the Veterans’ Vietnam Restoration Project, founded in 1988 to build much-needed medical clinics in this damaged nation.

March 17
SEGMENT 1: The heir-apparent to the Baskin-Robbins fortune tells how he shunned wealth as a young man, but earned it anyway as a best-selling author, only to lose his earnings in an investment scam, prompting a family crisis and a personal re-examination of what really matters.
SEGMENT 2: This documentary explores the transition of a young mother from addiction treatment to a clean and sober life, with the help of a family mentoring program known as "shared family care."

March 24
SEGMENT 1: We examine the provocative ideas of Anthony de Mello, an Indian-born Catholic priest and philosopher, whose books have touched millions with a message drawn from many traditions to wake up from our day-to-day preoccupation with ego and worry.
SEGMENT 2: As schools focus on the problem of young people who are targets of bullying, in person and online, educators explore ways to instill in youth a sense of responsibility for the well-being of others in the academic setting.

March 31
SEGMENT 1: The challenge of resolving our personal (and professional) unfinished business, and thus clearing the way for new and potentially exciting opportunities is discussed by best-selling workflow author David Allen.
SEGMENT 2: The tale of what happened to a group of inner city 1st graders in Oakland, CA who were told in 1987 by Mrs. Oral Lee Brown, a local realtor, that she would pay for their college education, if they graduated from high school.

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