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Election 2008

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Election 2008

Election 20082008 is shaping up to be an interesting political year both nationally and across the Intermountain West. Whether it's a nationally broadcast presidential debate or a call-in for a statewide candidate, Yellowstone Public Radio will bring you up-to-the-minute coverage of the 2008 election cycle.

Join YPR News Director Jackie Yamanaka for an in-depth look and the candidates and issues facing voters this November. As always, YPR will archive audio of any locally-produced Election 2008 program. Also, be sure to read How to Participate in Live Call-In Programs so that you can add your voice to the discussions in advance of Election Day.

Visit the Election 2008 Call-In / Debate Audio Archive

Visit the Montana Secretary of State website for information on Montana's election results

NPR / News Hour 2008 Election Map
The NPR / NewsHour 2008 Election Map is a large leap in collaboration across the public broadcasting system that involves National Public Radio, PBS's NewsHour, and local public broadcasting outlets. Working together, editorial teams curate the best election related news, provide rich data on each state's political environment, and publish up-to-date results on election night. The map also integrates election news from local stations.


Archived YPR Election 2008 Coverage

Listen!Pre-Election Reminders
aired November 3, 2008
The Montana Secretary of State's office is projection 70% voter turnout for the 2008 general election. As Jackie Yamanaka reports, with the expected high turnout, the state's top elections office has a few reminders for people casting ballots.

Listen!MSU-Billings Poll: Other Races
aired October 24, 2008
MSU-Billings Poll of Montanans part 2 of 2 (.pdf file)
Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain are in a statistical dead heat according to the MSU-Billings Poll of Montanans. Jackie Yamanaka reports.

Listen!MSU-Billings Poll: Presidential Race
aired October 23, 2008
MSU-Billings Poll of Montanans part 1 of 2 (.pdf file)
Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain are in a statistical dead heat according to the MSU-Billings Poll of Montanans. Jackie Yamanaka reports.

Listen!Public Service Commission District 3 Race
aired October 21, 2008
The race for the Public Service Commission District 3 seat is quiet. No negative campaigns. No filing ethics violation charges among the candidates, as has happened in another PSC contest this year. Instead the two candidates are trying to get attention from voters on the issues. Jackie Yamanaka explains.

Listen!6 Mill Levy Ballot Measure
aired October 15, 2008
Montana voters are being asked to decide the fate of a six mill property ax that helps fund the state's university system. The current levy expires in January of 2009. Legislative Referendum 118 asks voters if they want to extend the proposal another decade. Jackie Yamanaka has more on the argument for and against the mesaure.

Listen!Ron Waterman - Yellowstone Area Bar Association
aired September 29, 2008
Attorney Ron Waterman says the phrase "justice for all" is the reason why he's running for Chief Justice of the Montana Supreme Court. He told a lunch meeting of the Yellowstone Area Bar Association that's why he's still representing some low-income clients for free even though his campaign takes him across the state. Waterman says during his campaign he's hearing from attorneys concerned about the backlog of cases. Jackie Yamanaka reports.

Listen!PSC Debate - District 2
aired September 25, 2008
Two candidates vying for a seat on the Montana Public Service Commission faced off in Billings. Incumbent Republican Brad Molnar and Democratic challenger Ron Tussing debated who would do the best job representing consumers on the five-member panel. Jackie Yamanaka reports.

Gov. Brian Schweitzer (D) Call-In
speaker iconBrian Schweitzer Call-In (WMA)
mp3 logoBrian Schweitzer Call-In (MP3)
Democratic Governor Brian Schweitzer is an incumbent candidate for Governor of Montana. On Tuesday, September 23, he joined YPR News Director Jackie Yamanaka and retired Billings Gazette agricultural and political reporter Jim Gransbery in the YPR studios for an hour-long call-in featuring questions and comments from listeners.

Steve Bullock (D) Call-In
speaker iconSteve Bullock Call-In (WMA)
mp3 logoSteve Bullock Call-In (MP3)
Democrat Steve Bullock is a candidate for Montana's Attorney General. On Monday, September 22, he joined YPR News Director Jackie Yamanaka and retired Billings Gazette agricultural and political reporter Jim Gransbery in the YPR studios for an hour-long call-in featuring questions and comments from listeners.

Listen!League of Women Voters - Supreme Court Candidate Forum
aired September 18, 2008
The candidates for chief justice of the Montana Supreme Court touted their background, experiences and differences during a forum last night in Billings. About 30 people attended the forum sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Billings. Jackie Yamanaka reports.

Supreme Court Candidate Forum Raw Audio
Candidates: Mike McGrath, Ron Waterman
Panelists included Jeanne Matthews Bender of Holland & Hart, Robert Stephens of the Southside Law Center, and Lorna Thackeray of the Billings Gazette

Listen!Welcome/Opening Comments (WMA)
MP3 chickletWelcome/Opening Comments (MP3)
Listen!Question & Answer Period (WMA)
MP3 chickletQuestion & Answer Period (MP3)
Listen!Closing Comments (WMA)
MP3 chickletClosing Comments (MP3)


Listen!Early Voting - Montana General Election
aired September 8, 2008
Officially, November 4th is Election Day. But Montanans can vote almost a month earlier if the request and absentee ballot for the upcoming fall elections. As Jackie Yamanaka reports, early voting has changed the way the state's political parties and candidates campaign.

Listen!Obama's Riverfront Park Visit
aired August 28, 2008
The economy and problems of veterans and Native Americans were all covered by Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama on his pre-convention tour of the country. The setting was Riverfront Park in Billings. 200 veterans and military families were his audience. Kay Erickson has more.

Listen!Obama's Montana Strategy
aired August 12, 2008
Officials with Democrat Barack Obama's presidential campaign predict it will be their strong volunteer effort that will lead to victory in November. They held a telephone conference call with reporters to talk about their strategy to win Montana. But Republican John McCain's campaign says they're not giving Montana to the Democrats. Jackie Yamanaka reports.

The Uprising Book CoverListen!David Sirota
aired August 4
Author and former Montana resident David Sirota says Monana is a bellweather for the uprising that's currently sweeping the country. He says there are lessons to be learned from the 2007 Montana Legislature—specifically over taxes. Sirota will wrap up a nationwide book tour in Montana this week. Jackie Yamanaka reports.
David Sirota's website:


David Sirota Supplemental Audio
Listen!David Sirota's definition of an uprising, using taxes as an example.
Listen!Sirota talks about the tax issue in Montana during the 2007 Montana Legislature and the strategy progressives used in the tax debate.
Listen!Sirota's analysis of Montana's 2008 primary election. Two unorthodox candidates emerged victorious in their respective races for the U-S Senate and the U-S House. Butte lawyer Bob Kelleher became the Republican's nominee for the U-S Senate despite running in the past as a Democrat and as a Green Party candidate.

Listen!John Driscoll on Coal
aired July 28, 2008
Democratic U.S. House candidate John Driscoll says his goal during the Democratic Party's platform convention was to challenge participants to move beyond their comfort zone and listen to all ideas. He apparently pushed them with his remarks on coal—Driscoll told attendees who were meeting in southeastern Montana's coal country he would do everything he could to bring a halt to burning coal for electricity. But as he told Jackie Yamanaka during a campaign stop in Billings, he's not against coal—he just wants changes.
John Driscoll's website:

Listen!Rehberg on Cuba
aired July 24, 2008
Montana Congressman Denny Rehberg has changed his position on the United States' economic and travel sanctions on Cuba. Rehberg and the Montana Democratic Party agree on that. Where they disagree is why. State party chairman Dennis McDonald charges it's because of campaign contributions. A spokesman for Rehberg calls that a lie. Jackie Yamanaka reports.

Listen!Rehberg Visits Iraq
aired July 23, 2008
Montana Congressman Denny Rehberg says he saw progress during his most recent visit to Iraq. Rehberg's comments came during a telephone conference call with Montana reporters. Jackie Yamanaka reports.

Listen!Obama in Montana/General Election
aired July 21, 2008
The chief of staff for Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama says the campaign considers Montana to be a battleground state. Jim Messina made the comment today during a telephone conference call. Jackie Yamanaka reports.

Listen!Supreme Court Race Appearances
aired July 14, 2008
A candidate for Chief Justice of the Montana Supreme Court is raising questions about his opponent's view of judicial elections and responsibilities. Helena attorney Ron Waterman spoke recently before the County Attorneys'sociation meeting. Jackie Yamanaka reports.

Listen!Healthy Kids Ballot Measure
aired June 26, 2008
Supporters of a ballot measure to expand health insurance coverage for Montana children say they've gathered more than enough signatures to qualify it for the fall ballot. State Auditor and Insurance Commissioner John Morrisson was in Billings to discuss the measure. As a private citizen, he led the effort to collect petition signatures for Initiative 155. Jackie Yamanaka reports.

Listen!Young Voters
aired June 2, 2008
The presidential primary season will end with Montana and South Dakota heading to the polls. A large number of young people will head to the polls for the first time. They are excited to vote, knowledgeable on the issues and are taking an active role in the election process. Kay Erickson explains.

Listen!Chelsea Clinton in Billings
aired May 30, 2008
Chelsea Clinton was in Billings on the campaign trail on behalf of her mother. Her first stop was before a small gathering of Native Americans in Billings. Kay Erickson has more.

Listen!Hillary Clinton in Montana
aired May 28, 2008
Listen!Raw Audio: Hillary Clinton's Full Remarks (WMA)
MP3 chickletRaw Audio: Hillary Clinton's Full Remarks (MP3)
Hillary Clintonpictured: Sen. Clinton applauds during her rally in Billings. [photo by Jackie Yamanaka]
Senator Hillary Clinton brought her campaign back to Montana, one week before the state's primary election. Montana and South Dakota hold the nation's last primaries on June third. Just over a thousand people came to MetraPark's Montana Pavilion in Billings to hear Clinton. Jackie Yamanaka reports.





Listen!Obama Visits Billings and Crow
aired May 19, 2008
Listen!Sen. Obama at BWHS: General Remarks (WMA)
MP3 chickletSen. Obama at BWHS: General Remarks (MP3)
Listen!Sen. Obama at BWHS: Q & A (WMA)
MP3 chickletSen. Obama at BWHS: Q & A (MP3)
Listen!Sen. Obama at Crow Agency (WMA)
MP3 chickletSen. Obama at Crow Agency (MP3)
Sen. Obama at Crow Agencypictured: Sen. Obama waves to the crowd at Crow Agency. Crow Tribal Chairman Carl Venne is at the podium. [photo by Jackie Yamanaka]
Democrat Barack Obama brought his Presidential campaign to Billings, the Crow Reservation and Bozeman on Monday. His visit comes as the presidential primary elections are wrapping up. In about two weeks Montana will hold one of the nation's last two primaries. Jackie Yamanaka reports.



Listen!Huckabee for Brown
aired April 30, 2008
MP3 chickletMike Huckabee's Complete Remarks
Gov. Mike Huckabee (R)pictured: Mike Huckabee (R) [photo by Jackie Yamanaka]
Former Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee (R) made stops in Billings and Bozeman on behalf of gubernatorial candidate Roy Brown. The former Arkansas governor says Congress is so polarized it's up to governors to take the lead. Huckabee says state leaders do have influence on policies at the national level and he points to Montana's vast energy resources as an example of the state's leverage. Huckabee mentioned the rising cost of energy at his appearance in Billings. As Jackie Yamanaka reports, Huckabee says the U.S. needs to wean itself off of Middle Eastern oil.


Listen!Obama Campaign: Montana & South Dakota
aired April 30, 2008
Montana and South Dakota are the least two states to vote in this year's primary. And with the competitive contest in the Democratic primary, heavy hitters are trying to sway voters from both states. Jackie Yamanaka reports.
Supplemental Raw Audio
MP3 chickletMike Huckabee Comments on Rev. Wright Controversy
Former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee’s comment on why he thinks the Reverend Jeremiah Wright continues to speak out despite calls from Barack Obama’s supporters that such remarks will hurt the Illinois Senator’s chances to become the first African American president.

Listen!McGrath at Yellowstone Area Bar Association
aired April 21, 2008
Supreme Court Chief Justice candidate Mike McGrath says his number one priority will be to address the delays in issuing opinions. He told a lunch meeting of the Yellowstone Area Bar Association he knows the state's high court has a heavy caseload. But McGrath says more can be done to expedite decisions. Jackie Yamanaka reports.

Listen!Obama and Clinton on the Issues
aired April 7, 2008
The presidential candidates have been criss-crossing the country for months speaking on the issues. This weekend, Montanans got to hear first hand from the Democratic candidates. Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton appeared in Butte. Jackie Yamanaka has more on what they had to say on some of the major issues.

Listen!Democratic Candidates in Butte
aired April 7, 2008
Hillary Clinton The two Democratic presidential candidates brought their campaigns to Montana over the weekend. Attention has turned to the state because of the tight contest between the Senators Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama. Neither one has secured the number of votes needed to be the Democratic nominee ahead of the upcoming Democratic convention. As Jackie Yamanaka reports from Butte he two appeared together Saturday night.

Democratic Candidates: Unedited Audio
2008 Mansfield-Metcalf Dinner

Listen!Senator Barack Obama (WMA)
MP3 chickletSenator Barack Obama (MP3)
Listen!Senator Hillary Clinton (WMA)
MP3 chickletSenator Hillary Clinton (MP3)
Both Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) and Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) spoke at the Montana Democratic Party's annual Mansfield-Metcalf Dinner on April 5. Sen. Obama spoke first, followed roughly two hours later by Sen. Clinton. The dinner, traditionally held in Helena, was held in Butte, where some 4,000 people paid to hear the candidates in person. Both candidates were introduced by Montana Democratic Party Chairman Dennis McDonald.

Listen!Rehberg Campaign Announcement
aired March 18, 2008
MP3 chickletComplete Rehberg Announcement (MP3)
Rep. Denny Rehberg (R)pictured: Rep. Denny Rehberg (R) [photo by Jackie Yamanaka]
Republican Denny Rehberg officially launched his bid for a fifth term in the U.S. House in his hometown, Billings. It was the only official campaign stop planned. Jackie Yamanaka reports.


Listen!Tussing Announces PSC Candidacy
aired February 28, 2008
Billings Mayor Ron Tussing announced he's running for a seat on the Montana Public Service Commission. The 5-member panel regulates public utilities. Jackie Yamanaka reports.

Listen!Daines Joins Brown
aired February 27, 2008
Roy Brown / Steve DainesRepublican gubernatorial candidate Roy Brown launched a seven-city tour to introduce his running mate, Bozeman high tech executive Steve Daines. The campaign began in Billings. Jackie Yamanaka reports.

Pictured: Roy Brown (left) and Steve Daines [photo by Jackie Yamanaka]

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